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StorySalon New York in Action

Last week our team brought our signature StorySalon event to NYC. The room was full of bright minds from companies such as PepsiCo, AIG, Mastercard, Aetna, KPMG, Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, IBM, and Verizon. The two-part event is part of our DoubleDutch Experiences program and our goal is to break down the traditional barriers and discomfort associated with networking using technology. 

Guests are inspired to have meaningful conversations and the night is curated to ensure they meet the right people and talk about the things most interesting to them.  


Our New York StorySalon took place at an intimate, funky venue called La Casa Femme in the West Village.  The set-up was a little different than our Phoenix location, which was a bit more open--but we feel like it added to the fun of getting to know one another in close quarters and exploring the two-level yet open space.

Open networking kicked off the night and hosts helped our guests get set-up in the event app prior to kicking off our Storytelling competition. Our best-in class badging partner, Boomset, was onsite printing custom badges for all. This made it easier to find who you were looking for!


The stories….

We had four storytellers share their experiences on topics from overcoming obstacles in health and self-love to family experiences, memories and life-altering moments. Our four brave storytellers included: 

  • Ash Minhas - Technology Lead at IBM

  • Cat Schmitz - Chief Storyteller at Verizon Innovation Labs

  • Lynn Teo - CMO, Head of Marketing and Digital Leader at Wolters Kluwer

  • Simon Fenwick - Executive Vice President, Talent Engagement & Inclusion at 4A's

  • Taylor McLoughlin - Director of Marketing at DoubleDutch 

Storytelling is a great way to start the facilitated part of StorySalon because the stories told are usually honest, raw, and inspiring bringing an energy to the room as no other networking event can. In New York, we experienced this first-hand.


Magic Hour created some lasting magic…

Face-to-face connections are more powerful than any other communication when it comes to building business relationships. Usually, those connections start with a mutual interest -- which is where Magic Hour does some heavy lifting for guests.  

Guests in NYC were asked to pre-select conversation topics they want to have. Other guests could then schedule time with them based on the topics they were mutually interested in, in our mobile app. This tech-assisted matchmaking sets everyone up to have better conversations from the start.


What guests are saying…

We find that after attending a StorySalon, people have a lot to say! We're grateful for the positive feedback and all the suggestions and recommendations of how we can improve. Here are some highlights:

“This was by far the most unconventional, productive, and hip networking event I’ve ever attended and believe me because I’ve been doing these things for 25 years. Bravo to the StorySalon team all of whom welcomed us with warmth and humor.”

 -Leslie Nilsson

CEO & President, Bartleby and Sage


“Love the storytelling and opportunity to learn and get inspired.”

 -Loryn Schiraldo

SVP, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Operations, US, IPG Mediabrands

We also love when guests feel inspired to share what they learned on social media. For example, Shakira Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Johnson PR & Events wrote up an inspiring overview of her experience!


Will we return to New York?

That’s the question, isn’t it? If you missed this past week’s event and are wondering when we might be back in NYC we encourage you to subscribe for updates about DD Experiences. Our guest list is always exclusive, and invite only for StorySalon events but subscribers will be the first to know what’s to come!

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By Kayla Tarantino | 29 January, 2019

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