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Supercharge Employee Education at Your Internal Events

Supercharge Employee Education at Your Internal Events

In today’s modern world, we deal with technological innovation, social media distraction, and a generation that is continuously moving onto the next new opportunity. With a whirlwind of distraction, 70% of training content is forgotten within 24 hours, making it harder than ever to educate our workforce.

Live events offer an ideal occasion to silence the noise, build a company culture, and encourage knowledge retention. And by weaving the powers of a digital platform into your event’s physical experience, you can supercharge the learning in momentous new ways. Bain & Company calls this marriage of physical and digital “the digical world”, arguing that it is creating entirely new sources of value.

As you design your sales kickoff or annual off-site, leverage the best elements of the mobile experience to promote and strengthen employee learning and participation. Capitalize on the social, content, and data advantages of a Live Engagement Marketing App. Make supporting resources available to attendees on their individual mobile devices devices to deepen the impact of the event long after it finishes.

The following are five ways an event app powers the new era of employee learning:

Precise Information At Attendees’ Fingertips

Help employees learn by providing a clear and accessible game plan:

  • Create a detailed, interactive agenda of your sales kickoff, training, or off-site that you can update in real-time. With a simple swipe, attendees can learn more about each of the sessions and speakers, and plan their schedules. As they add agenda items, they will automatically receive push notification reminders about upcoming sessions, surveys, and reviews.
  • Monitor the most popular sessions. Ensure adequate session space and resources by auditing how many people plan to go to each session through attendee bookmarking. Amplify education and impact by linking in-app content and creating session channels that provide a dedicated forum for related discussion directly on attendees’ mobile devices.
  • Track exact attendance for each session, including duration with Session Tracking. Your event app is equipped with a mobile badge scanner that facilitates session attendance scanning. Your team can use the app to scan attendees’ badges as they enter and leave each session. Once attendees are scanned into sessions, the app will automagically trigger related push notifications like reminders to complete seminar surveys.
  • Identify trends in the employees that attend certain sessions to ensure each session’s target audience’s interests are aligned with your event schedule. For example, your C-Suite employees may gravitate toward the keynote but skip several workshops. Or your sales team is keen on the strategy panel, arriving early and staying late. Gain insight into the success of your event strategy and offer more of what inspires your attendees at future events.
  • Promote under-performing sessions with push notifications, in-app promotion, and enhanced bios of your speakers.

Showcase Subject Matter Experts and Speakers

A live event offers the perfect opportunity to bring your most inspiring and experienced employees into the limelight to share their knowledge. Generating buzz about your subject matter experts (SMEs) and speakers can help build pre-event enthusiasm. Here’s how:

  • Create a dedicated section in your app menu for speaker bios. Make them interactive by attaching your speakers’ social media accounts and/or website(s) to each bio. Make the app section public before the event so attendees can follow and interact with favorite speakers in advance.
  • Activate Session Recommendations. As your attendees interact in the app, they’ll receive session suggestions related to their activity. The app will keep tabs on which sessions each attendee checks into and which sessions they have added to their interactive agenda. Using this data, the app will provide similar event content and recommendations, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Monitor the speaker and SME profiles that are the most popular; use this information to encourage networking, add related content to your app, and even notify attendees of last-minute session additions such as small group lunches and round table discussions.

Facilitate Connections

Cooperative learning has been proven to be uniquely effective in promoting achievement, creativity, and team bonding. One of the key advantages of a Live Engagement Marketing App is its ability to enhance peer-to-peer learning. Here are the best ways to leverage interactive learning at an event:

  • Implement in-app topic channels. These interactive discussions are a fantastic way to encourage organic connections among like-minded attendees. Attendees can join conversations by topic and post, respond or like in-channel comments, as well as see who else is engaging in each channel. Popular channel topics include “First Time Attendees”,  “Industry Trends”, “Department Segments”, and “Attendee Regions”.
  • Allow your attendees to sync their LinkedIn profile to the app, and provide bios within the searchable attendee app section.
  • Enable 1:1 Meeting Scheduling allowing attendees to use their app to request appointments with people within the searchable lists of attendees, speakers, and SMEs. These valuable connections promote advanced learning and collaboration.
  • Promote direct messaging and following of other attendees. Encourage attendees to contact each other via in-app chat and be kept up to date with specific attendees’ posts.

Leverage Polls and Surveys

Event strategy is constantly evolving. Use your event app to gather real-time feedback. Share insights with your team to continually improve your employees’ event experience.

  • Poll your attendees with quick and easy in-app questions. Gauge the audience with global polls that provide you with valuable information about your attendees’ educational needs. Ask a question about learning goals, for example, or which educational track is most appealing and why. The poll questions pop up in the activity feed and can be answered in seconds.
  • Collect ratings after each session. Attendees who were checked in using the app will automatically be prompted to rate their experience based on a five-star scale. You’ll get a snapshot of session and speaker sentiment in real-time—actionable insights that you can put to use before the event has even ended.
  • Survey your attendees for more detailed information on their experience. Ask your attendees how valuable each session was, if they would recommend it, what they learned, and whether they would attend more sessions on a similar topic or with the same speaker. Use this information to craft an even better agenda for your next event.

Build a Resource Hub

One of the largest challenges for employee learning is content retention and application. Make materials available to your attendees—reinforcing immediate application of new knowledge to enhance long-term retention. Here’s how you can use the app to facilitate long-term learning:

  • Curate an educational content app section so that it’s easily accessible to attendees to find and use, even after they return to work.
  • Make your app the single source of information for all event materials. Add links within the agenda to session related documentation. For general event documents such as brand guidelines or team learning goals, create a dedicated “documents” or “resources” section.
  • Post relevant industry articles in a “documents” or “resources” section.
  • Identify which resources were the most downloaded. Keep your learning goals top-of-mind by sending attendees follow-up information to elaborate on the most popular resources.


A successful educational event must provide clear, engaging content that’s relevant to attendees. It must be memorable and unique, with content that is accessible after the event. And it must encourage collaborative learning so the lessons evolve post-event through peer-to-peer interactions.

A Live Engagement Marketing App facilitates enhanced learning through an interactive, real-time platform and easy-to-use content distribution channels. Get ready to transform your educational event! But you don’t have to take our word for it—try it out.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 20 October, 2016

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