DoubleDutch and Freeman — the start of something different

At Freeman, we always strive to create incredible solutions for our customers. We listen to what they want, we do whatever is necessary to deliver top-notch service, and we help them maximize the possibilities of every event. To really deliver on all that, we know that we have to push the envelope when it comes to what’s possible in the events industry.

Team EMEA Comes Together to Help Syrian Refugees in Amsterdam

25 November, 2015
The Syrian Refugee crisis is bringing communities together from around the world, many offering donations, organising charity drives, and helping however they can. With a strong commitment to charity and enrichment of local communities, DoubleDutch quickly responded to an urgent call for help from a Syrian Re[…]

Events are Flowers; They Should be Elephants.

9 November, 2015
There is no marketing channel in the world that can compare with B2B events. It’s those three days of the year when your employees, your prospects, your partners - everybody that matters professionally - are all in the same building. If digital advertising is about attracting anonymous people on the Internet […]

Why A Previous Customer Joined DoubleDutch as the CMO

12 October, 2015
I became a raving fan of DoubleDutch as a customer two years ago, when I was the CMO at Saba Software. At the Saba @Work User Conference in 2013, we decided to use DoubleDutch as an event mobile app to deliver an electronic program guide and a more engaging attendee experience. Since our annual user conferenc[…]

Yeah Baby…We’re Unveiling a New Maternity & Paternity Leave Policy

28 September, 2015
The movement to support women in technology is on the forefront now more than ever. Collaboration tool, Slack, recently released internal diversity statistics that revealed females represent 45 percent of their leadership and that women make up 39 percent of the company’s overall workforce – and they plan on […]

DoubleDutch Receives $45 Million in Funding: The Next Stage of Our Growth

11 August, 2015
There is some big news out of DoubleDutch today — we’ve announced a new $45 million round of funding, led by KKR.

Introducing Event Performance: How To Do Events Better

17 February, 2015
Successful businesses make good calls when faced with difficult decisions. Sometimes you just go with your gut, but whenever possible, you pay attention to all the data at your disposal and use it to ensure the best possible outcomes. Email marketers for example take advantage of an immense amount of data col[…]