Help our Mission Neighbors

On Wednesday evening, January 28th, a devastating fire destroyed the homes and livelihoods of dozens of Mission residents. One person was tragically killed and six were injured in the blaze. At least 40 residents have been displaced. In the aftermath of this tragedy, many have already rallied to support those affected by the fire. Most of the people that

3 New Features to Kick Off the New Year

12 January, 2015
It’s a new year and we are starting off 2015 right with an exciting announcement. Today, we launched three new features that can be used now in the event app platform. To top it off, the updates have a little something for everyone: event organizers, the exhibitors and booth staff, and our beloved attendees.

The Attitude of Gratitude

25 November, 2014
With Christmas promotions starting as early as October and the commercialization of every holiday known to man (and some unknown ones - did you know there is a Ferris Wheel Day?!), it can be hard to focus on the reason and meaning of holidays. Don’t get us wrong - we love marketing gimmicks just as much as th[…]

Live Polling: A Surefire Way to Increase Engagement and App Adoption

20 November, 2014
Earlier this year, DoubleDutch introduced a live polling feature to help event organizers better engage their audiences. Once we deployed the feature 50 times, we took a look at usage data from these apps to see whether polling had the positive impact that we were hoping for. The results? Better than we could[…]

DoubleDutch Wins Best and Brightest Company Award

7 November, 2014
This week we got some pretty exciting news; DoubleDutch was named one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in the San Francisco Bay Area by the National Association for Business Resources. We all love working here, but it’s great to receive the recognition - and who doesn’t love winning?

Backstage at DoubleDutch on Tour NYC

23 September, 2014
This year we’ve been out on the road bringing event technology to the masses with DoubleDutch on Tour. Our half-day events are geared to bring event app education and thought leadership to the forefront, whilst providing a fun and memorable experience for the attendees. With the very first event being held at[…]

How the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch Impacts the Future of Events

10 September, 2014
During the Apple Live event on September 9th, the DoubleDutch team identified many new products and software that will greatly impact the future of events and conferences. We've highlighted our thoughts below, but you can also read a Q&A on iOS 8 with our Senior iOS Engineer. Improvements in connectivity and […]