A Customer Advisory Board to Remember, Featuring Boomset

  Every year DoubleDutch hosts annual customer advisory boards (CABs), this year we ran our East Coast event in Manhattan, New York. During these face-to-face gatherings with our customers we provide a forum for honest feedback and talk about trends forming in the industry. Our product roadmap, professional services, and emerging technology were topics of

New Feature: Power up Attendee Networking with “Magic Hour”

18 December, 2018
Magic Hour is the newest addition to the DoubleDutch Event App’s growing stack of ready-to-install add-ons. This extension is the ultimate conversation starter for your networking happy hour, lunch or any downtime at your event.

The Ultimate Mobile Travel Itinerary: “My Travel”

12 December, 2018
  When one of our amazing customers asked if we could deliver a feature that would allow event attendees to easily reference individual travel information right from the mobile app, most companies would have balked due to the rapidly approaching event date.

Introducing: Advanced Surveys

9 November, 2018
  Today we released new survey capabilities aimed at improving the way organizers collect information, insights, and feedback from event attendees.  

Introducing Code of Conduct

23 October, 2018
  Your event app is an important asset for attendee engagement and networking. But, what if it could also create a safer environment for your attendees? That’s what our new feature, Code of Conduct, is all about. We wanted to help organizers facilitate safer events and hold attendees accountable for violation[…]

Lost & Found: Reuniting Attendees with Lost Items, Faster

7 August, 2018
Imagine this scenario: you’re in a session, engaged with speaker and the content she’s sharing when the session ends and you’re out the door on to the next item on your agenda. When you arrive at your session, you reach for your bag to grab your laptop only to realize your bag isn’t there.

New Feature: QR Code Hunt

7 August, 2018
Exhibitors are a big part of a lot of events, and as an event organizer, you do a lot to ensure the exhibitors have a great experience. There's the location in the expo hall, the placement in the mobile app and all sorts of little logistical things.