All New: In-App Offers

  Wondering how you can promote multiple offers within your event app? It just got a lot easier with DoubleDutch Offers!

Introducing Trivia Challenge!

29 June, 2018
Back in April, all of DoubleDutch converged in Phoenix, AZ for a company offsite meeting, and of course we built out an event app for the affair. We had a lot of business to handle and a lot of learning to do, but we wanted to have some fun while doing it. Luckily for us, our Senior Engineering Manager, Adam,[…]

Spark Attendee Conversations with Knowledge Share

5 June, 2018
It's no secret that many people attend events to gain valuable insights into trending topics in their industries. But, attendees are not just looking to absorb content presented to them by speakers and event organizers; that's only half of the equation. The second part to creating an educational experience is[…]

Now Available: Personalize Content for Individual Attendees

14 May, 2018
There are many ways to create a great event, but perhaps the best strategy for ensuring attendees have a memorable experience is personalization.  DoubleDutch has always offered a tailored experience for attendees using the mobile app, but the new My Info extension will allow organizers to deliver personalize[…]

A tip of the cap to QuickMobile Following Cvent’s Pending Acquisition

3 May, 2018
  The news hit the wire yesterday that Cvent has announced its intent to acquire QuickMobile, one of the original pioneers of the event tech category. The deal is expected to close as early as this month.

DoubleDutch Offsite 2018: Using Our App for Employee Engagement

16 April, 2018
 Last week the entire DoubleDutch team met in the valley of the sun for an unforgettable company offsite jam-packed with goal setting, learning, and even some karaoke.

Ice Breaker Espionage: The Only Way to Start Your Next Event

20 March, 2018
DoubleDutch powers thousands of events for our clients, but we have our own events as well, like our annual holiday party. Last December, while our team was securing locations, food, and drinks, our Engineering Manager - Adam Liechty - was on a secret mission to add a little twist to the party.