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Why We Bought Eventgrid

It’s no secret that event registration and event apps go together.  

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Why We Bought Eventgrid

October 4, 2017
It’s no secret that event registration and event apps go together.  

A Day in the Life Series - Meet Ryan Finn

October 3, 2017
 Meet Ryan Finn Title: Enterprise Account Manager Location: Phoenix DoubleDutch Tenure: ~1 year

A Day in the Life - Director of Sales

September 20, 2017
As I thought about writing this post about my average day, I was reminded of something my manager told me when I started my first sales job as a college graduate. “It’s the people man, I love the people,” he said when I asked him what motivated him to work so hard. The “people” he was referring to weren’t jus[…]

A Day in The Life – Analytics and Operations

August 29, 2017
Shout out to Grace Low for kicking off the ‘Day in The Life’ blog series with an awesome piece on her passion for solving customer’s problems, we couldn’t do it without you! This week’s blog comes from Taylor S. McLoughlin, a program manager on the Analytics/BI and Business Operations team.

Employee Engagement is a Breeze with DoubleDutch

June 29, 2017
The term “dogfooding” refers to the practice of a company using its own products to test and promote its product. It originates from an email sent in 1988 from Microsoft manager Paul Maritz to Brian Valentine, test manager for Microsoft LAN software with the subject line, “Eating our own dogfood,” tasking him[…]

Are you the next #EventProf of the Year Winner?

March 14, 2017
DoubleDutch is excited to announce we are now accepting submissions for our 2017 #EventProf of the Year Award!

Hormel Events — Tried and True Promotion

March 7, 2017
Overview Every year, Hormel Foods Corporation – makers of Hormel® Chili, SPAM®, and home to a stable of global brands – hosts an internal meeting, spanning the course of one week, with a three-year group rotation. Years one and two bring the executive and management teams together, a group of over 200. In yea[…]