The Future of Augmented Reality at Events

There is no question that Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the hottest topics in the technology industry right now and for a good reason. The new technology has a huge impact on almost every industry and brands are going all-in with experimenting with mobile AR to increase brand engagement.

Engineering Spotlight: Building your React Native Component Structure

10 July, 2018
This past year has been an exciting time working on the DoubleDutch app. From camera upgrades, iPhone X support,  and implementing our new DoubleDutch Developer Platform (DDDP). With the Developer Platform we’ve been able to release multiple new features built entirely in the React framework and better round […]

5 Key Learnings From Apple's WWDC 2018 for the Event Tech Industry

20 June, 2018
Last week Dawson Loudon, a senior mobile engineer at DoubleDutch, joined thousands of others in attending Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).  WWDC is the place to be to catch new product enhancements to both iOS and macOS and it is a must-attend event for mobile developers.  

How to Create The Best Event Registration Pages and Forms

24 May, 2018
One of the essential pages of an event website is its registration page. A registration page, sometimes called an enrollment page, or a sign-up page is the place where you have the chance to convert visitors to registrants. These pages typically include a value proposition, a description of the event that cre[…]

Why Segment Your Registrant and Attendee Lists?

22 May, 2018
As the registrant list grows for your upcoming event, how much do you really know about who's signing up?

GDPR and SaaS Companies: Four Thoughts

15 May, 2018
  At DoubleDutch, we’ve had the good fortune of diving deep with GDPR requirements very early in the process. Within our customer base are many European-based corporations and multinationals that care deeply about GDPR compliance, and who have thought hard about the impact of GDPR as it relates to working wit[…]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Event Registration System

10 May, 2018
Your online registration system is the first touchpoint with your customers so you can't afford to deliver a less-than-seamless experience. Even the slightest mishap during the registration process can lead to unpleasant consequences such as inefficiency or disruptions in an attendee's experience. 
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