How To Create The Ultimate Swag Bag Attendees Will Love (With Ideas)

Most events are inundated with all types of "swag." Swag is a branded product that is given to you by a company after you've spoken with someone or interacted with the brand.  It's nothing new! We've been exposed to swag long before the age of the internet.  The nature of swag is changing though; it's no longer adequate to throw pens and keychains at your

30+ Corporate Event Planning Resources You Should Bookmark

29 August, 2018
Planning a corporate event can be like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle. There are many details and pieces that need to fit together perfectly to create a successful experience. 

How to Throw the Perfect Launch Party

23 August, 2018
Launch parties, if pulled off effectively, can generate huge buzz for any brand. They can garner goodwill, and can be a lot of fun for prospective customers or clients. But, that's only if they are planned and executed well. Here is a quick primer on how to build the perfect launch party along with some great[…]

20 Event Management Certifications and Programs for Event Pros

1 August, 2018
If you're an event management or event planning professional, earning a certification can help you stand out and provide proof of your skills and training in the events industry. There are many certifications and training programs available, but which one is right for you? 

6 Precautions to Take for Safer Events

31 July, 2018
Safety must be at the forefront of every event your business holds. It doesn't matter how impressive the speaker list is, nor how impressive your event's aesthetics are if you fail in your basic duty to do everything in your power to plan for attendee safety.  If safety is priority one, how can you place emph[…]

50+ Meal Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event or Retreat

25 July, 2018
Corporate event planning can be extremely stressful logistically, especially when it comes to meal planning for the event. Trying to find food that is acceptable to everyone without being overly 'bland' or 'corporate' can feel impossible. And, that's not even taking into account the myriad of dietary restrict[…]

Essential Components of a Sales Kickoff Agenda

5 July, 2018
The sales kickoff meeting, or SKO, enables you to bring everyone together, build a sense of unity, and refocus on goals for the year. It's the perfect time to introduce new products or new information, offer fresh selling strategies, and recognize team members who have performed with excellence. Your annual k[…]