4 Memorable Activities and Incentives for Your President's Club

You already understand the importance of incentives for your sales team, but incentives for your President’s Club require a whole new ballpark of thinking to keep your top performers engaged and motivated.

6 Internal Meeting Types That Benefit From an Event App

19 June, 2018
It's easy to assume that an event app only has a place at external events and conferences. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth! Whether you're running internal programs with large company-wide events, or many 20-50 person meetings throughout the year, there is a place in your tech stack for an[…]

Why is an Event App Vital for Internal Meetings?

13 June, 2018
As event planners, we spend so much time and energy on our external events. But, why don’t our internal events get the same type of attention? Meeting planners, back me up here, but who doesn’t like a well-executed meeting, regardless of size? 

How to Manage Last-Minute Event Madness

2 May, 2018
  After countless hours of planning, all event professionals can do in the minutes before the doors open to their event is try to breathe, and stay calm. But it's hard to breathe steadily knowing that attendees are relying on your team to keep them engaged, entertained (and fed).

How Long Should Your Event Sessions Really Last?

25 April, 2018
If event planners could see the future, they'd never have to worry about keynote addresses dragging on or expert panels running too short. They would know exactly how to time their events for maximum audience engagement.  

3 Ways to Create More Engaging Q&A Sessions

19 April, 2018
Question-and-answer sessions following a panel or keynote are one of your attendee's best opportunities to engage with your event. But due to their unpredictable nature, Q&As are also notoriously difficult to moderate.

3 Tips to Take the 'Work' Out of Networking at Your Next Event

4 April, 2018
No event pro wants their event to be a networking flop. Worst-case scenario: You end up with a group of bored, uncomfortable professionals awkwardly standing around a half-empty venue like kids stuck at a middle-school dance. To avoid that fate, it's essential to set the stage before, during and after your ev[…]