5 Easy Steps to Make Your Events More Accessible

We often like to stress the importance of choosing a unique venue for your events, but the more your stray from the traditional hotel-type venue the more you need to think about accessibility. Hotels are often already set-up to accommodate people with accessibility needs, but other venues may not be.

The Venue Series: San Francisco

8 June, 2017
 Your event venue is one of the most defining aspects of your event. It sets the mood, starts the conversation and gets people excited for the day ahead. So finding one that you and your attendees absolutely love is critical.

Back to Basics: 5 Ways to Host The Most T.D. Event Ever

10 May, 2017
 Ready, Set, Slay DoubleDutch is launching a “Back to Basics” series for your not so basic, events. We want to bring you fresh ideas, venues, and tips for inside and outside the DoubleDutch platform experience.

A 4-Part Plan to Boost Attendee Engagement

2 March, 2017
Hi there! I’m Ashley Phelps, a Customer Experience Manager here at DoubleDutch. What’s that mean exactly? Well, basically I get to work with customers to make their app sparkle! Everyday I engage with incredibly innovative brands such as, GE, the E-Learning Guild, and Hilton. We work together on digital strat[…]

NamesCon17: Rethinking the Name Badge

20 December, 2016
For the past two years, I’ve written articles about the importance of conference name badge design (2014 and 2015) to enhance networking opportunities at live events. This year, myself and the rest of the team at NamesCon thought it would be a good idea to start from scratch and completely redesign our name b[…]

How to Use Feng Shui to Make the Most of Your Event

2 December, 2016
Professional events can be intimidating, even for extroverts. You open the door to a giant hall, and there is a lot of pressure to make connections that will last or lead to something important. Adding to the daunting atmosphere? Often, the layout of the conference.

What You Can Do to Help Maximize Educational Opportunities At Your Events

23 November, 2016
The only attendance driver more important to event registrants than networking is education.