Aligning Conference Registration With Your Optimal Event Experience

Registration is the first real introduction attendees have to your event. A smooth and efficient registration process builds the foundation for a positive event experience, but a poor experience can often lead to a negative first impression, sour attendees' expectations, and ultimately impact ticket sales.

20+ Ways to Use QR Codes at Events

20 February, 2019
QR codes are one of the most underrated event marketing channels. When used strategically, QR codes enable better engagement at events. They allow attendees to connect, exhibitors to add interactivity to their booths and demonstrations, and speakers to collect leads among so many other use cases.

5 Ways to Build Your Marketing Strategy Using DoubleDutch App Data

13 February, 2019
Events are a greenhouse of knowledge; an environment where like-minded people have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and exponentially accelerate learning and growth. What is often overlooked is what a huge source for data events are.

3 Ways to Make Your Events More Interactive

16 January, 2019
  Think about an event like it were a great book. At the beginning of the book, it's all about capturing attention and sparking the reader's interest to keep turning the pages. Throughout the book, you re-engage the reader with twists and turns in the plot. By the end, the reader feels a sense of accomplishme[…]

What Makes a "Great Event" Great?

9 January, 2019
We've all been to “great events.” Experiences that leave you feeling energized and inspired long after you leave the venue. But, as we reflect on this past year we began to really think about the question “what actually makes an event great?”

Community: The Last Authentic Marketing Channel

2 January, 2019
    The marketing landscape has shifted to a digital-first mentality.

How to Monetize Your Event App in 2019

5 December, 2018
Event apps aren't a new technology; in fact, they've become a staple at most events. Another thing that isn't new to the space is the idea of monetizing your app by selling ad space to sponsors and exhibitors.