Live Events are a Content Marketer’s Treasure Trove

How does a content marketing technology company run its own content marketing program? Very strategically.

Machine Learning, the Data Arms Race, and the Future of Live Events

4 October, 2016
Talk to any business software executive right now and all they want to talk about is Machine Learning (ML). There is a real belief that the vast data sets that companies are accumulating about their customers, their employees, their partners, their competitors, etc, when combined with 2016 computing power and[…]

An Interview for The Twenty Minute VC

26 September, 2016
I recently sat down with Harry Stebbings for The Twenty Minute VC — a podcast series covering the latest in the business world. We discussed a lot in a short amount of time, but here are some of my favorite topics in the podcast:

The Importance of Understanding Your Audience Personas

22 September, 2016
Engaged Eddy. Networking Nancy. Innovation Irene...

How Peak Advisor Alliance Delivers a 5-Star Event Experience

15 September, 2016
As marketers and event planners, living up to the expectations of our clients and prospects can be a daunting task. Take our organization and the standards we have for our conferences as an example.

The Power of You: Strategic Influence in Event Marketing

1 September, 2016
In the Stone Age of event marketing, attendees were stuck squinting at name tags and making awkward small talk around the buffet table. They struggled to find common ground, and often found themselves floundering in conversation with people they had little in common with—when the perfect sales lead or busines[…]

Meet Lorrie Fickas, #EventProf of the Month

26 August, 2016
PF Chang’s Event Planning Manager, Lorrie Fickas of Arizona, shares her success stories using DoubleDutch, her career insights, and what keeps her at the forefront of technology.