How to Convince Your Company to Invest in New Event Technologies

You know Live Engagement Marketing technologies can help create a more memorable event and better prove your event’s ROI. So why is it still so hard to get executive buy-in on event technologies?

Event Marketers: Your Time Is Now

24 August, 2016
Time for a confession—I’m a chief marketing officer who’s always had a secret passion for events. It’s true. I love the particular kind of magical energy that comes from people connecting with people, people connecting with content, people connecting with a brand. You just know intuitively that events help yo[…]

Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

18 August, 2016

4 Essential Tools for the Modern Marketers Tech Stack

16 August, 2016
Today’s marketer has a host of resources at her fingertips to help her generate brand awareness, connect with new prospects, nurture existing leads, and measure and optimize processes every step of the way.

How Do You Measure Brand Impact from an Event?

2 August, 2016
It’s easy to measure sales and leads generated from an event. But how many people are thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about your brand?

5 Easy Ways to Engage and Motivate Your Customers

19 July, 2016
I am a firm believer that while a great marketer is informed through data, he or she will also consult the gut for creativity during project implementation. As a B2B marketer, I am always looking at consumer focused marketing campaigns for such inspiration. I browse magazines, commercials, cosmetic branding, […]

Forecasting the Future with Real-Time Event Analytics

8 July, 2016
How did your event go? It’s a question that has been asked for hundreds of years and it’s a question that many event organizers will struggle to give a solid answer to. Sure, we can measure the numbers of people coming through the doors, we can wait a month or two until after the event when the deals start cl[…]