Meet Ariana Solis Gomez, May's #EventProf of the Month

Meet #EventProf of the Month, Ariana Solis Gomez, of the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, and read as she shares her DoubleDutch success story and how she is making a difference in the lives of Hispanic Americans.

A Marketer's POV on the End of the Event Tech Era

12 May, 2016

The Dawn of Live Engagement Marketing, and the Death of Analog

10 May, 2016
The signs are all around us. The explosion of live streaming services: first Meerkat, then Periscope, and now Facebook Live. The plummeting costs of beacons. The surge in investment in wearables, sensors, and IoT. Foursquare predicting a collapse in sales, nearly to the dollar, of a major restaurant chain. Th[…]

An Interview With The Event Planner for UK Event Planners, John Howell

4 May, 2016
An interview with Jon Howell, Event Manager for International Confex Can you tell us a little about your role as International Confex Event Manager?

Your Internal Meetings and Events Need a Mobile Event App

11 April, 2016
Live internal meetings and events are one of the best ways to engage employees and there are numerous ways internal communications professionals are doing this: sales kickoffs, training workshops, leadership meetings, employee onboarding, departmental conferences (Marketing, IT, HR, etc), corporate days & hol[…]

Meet Lucy Eckard, #EventProf of the Month

7 April, 2016

3 Big Reasons to Launch Your Event App Early

17 March, 2016