mLearnCon: Inspiring Mobile-Based Education with DoubleDutch

6 June, 2013
The eLearning Guild is proud to present mLearnCon, the premiere conference and expo for learning professionals exploring mobile technologies. This event brings together Training Directors, Training Managers, CLOs (Chief Learning Officers), and Instructional Designers to discuss mobile technologies and how the[…]

What to Consider When Choosing a Multi-Event App

23 May, 2013
How to decide between a Single or Multi-Event App? Good question.

GEDA Drives App Adoption With Pre-Event Creativity

15 May, 2013
The Georgia Economic Developers Association kicks off their annual conference with a bang! A non-profit association of professionals focused on the economic development of Georgia, the Spring 2013 Workshop features one slick mobile application.

Dataversity Dominates San Diego with DoubleDutch

30 April, 2013
Given our interest in marketing analytics and data-driven marketing, we got very excited about powering  Enterprise Data World  - an event with people of like minds. Happening now in in San Diego, Enterprise Data World is a gathering of innovators interested in all things "data."

Merge 2013 Drives Engagement Through Gamification

24 April, 2013
Merge 2013, a Perforce Conference, kicked off this week in San Francisco, CA. A customer and partner focused event, Merge 2013 will bring together people from all over the world to discuss key issues in Global Development Challenges, IP Security, DevOps, Virtualization, and more.

How Cisco Leverages a Multi-Event Mobile App

18 April, 2013
Cisco is a brand known for many things - one of which happens to be putting on lots of events. From internal meetings and sales kick-offs to customer and external facing conferences, the events team at Cisco is a busy bunch. For brands and organizations that host numerous events throughout the year, multi-eve[…]