6 Metrics to Measure Real-Time Event Data

When you're hosting a live event, think of it as a real-time marketing channel. How do you know if a marketing effort is succeeding? The simplest way is to establish goals and then implement tracking of metrics to see if you're reaching those goals.

Event Planning VS Event Management

14 August, 2018
Many people use the phrases 'event planning' and 'event management' interchangeably especially in regard to corporate events. While they are similar there are some marked differences between the two roles and how they might be involved in corporate event planning. Let's go over some of those key differences a[…]

How to Create a Contingency Plan for Your Corporate Event

24 July, 2018
If you're running event programs at scale you've likely faced unexpected circumstances at an event you've planned at least once in your career whether it be a heavy storm impacting speaker and attendee travel, a power outage at your venue, a data breach, an injury onsite, a hurricane, a flood, a wildfire, loo[…]

7 Steps Toward Making Your Event Program GDPR Compliant

18 July, 2018
When the European Union (EU) passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into law in May, it gave EU residents more control over the personal information that is gathered and how it is used. Now that GDPR is in effect, how organizations deal with data has changed for everyone – that includes event or[…]

Real Time Marketing at Live Events

2 July, 2018
  In Michael Lewis’ book Flash Boys, Lewis describes the practice of High Frequency Trading - an equity trading discipline that depends on speed-to-market to deliver outsized returns.  Flash Boys begins with the story of Spread Networks, a telecom company that was investing $300M to build a fiber link to conn[…]

The Case for Standardizing Your Event Tech

25 June, 2018
    The last several years have seen a prolonged period of experimentation from the largest and most sophisticated buyers of event technology.

4 Ways to Optimize Internal Training for Employee Engagement

11 June, 2018
Employee engagement is not a tactic, strategy or trend. Instead, employee engagement is a feeling of commitment and dedication that an employee has to their role at your company.