Corporate Event Experts Share the "Secret Sauce" to Growing Registrants and Attendees

At their core, all event programs share something in common: they need engaged attendees in order to be successful. Often times organizers and planners strive for a goal of driving more registrants and attendees than the year prior. 

How to Secure Event Sponsorships For Your Brand

11 April, 2018
Landing the right sponsors is a key factor in getting your event off the ground. Between venue, food, speakers, and logistics, events can be costly to produce. Not only can sponsors defray some of your expenses, a well-known brand can also help you reach your desired audience and burnish your event's profile.

Why Strategic Intent is an Important Requirement for Successful Events

27 March, 2018
As the COO of a multinational company, fulfilling the strategic intent of every event was my number one priority. Strategic intent is the single most important requirement for a successful event.

Is Investing in Star Power at Events Worth It?

21 March, 2018
For an event planner, it's like hitting the jackpot: You've landed a celebrity keynote for your event. Now the magical confluence of name recognition, celeb status and public curiosity are sure to lure attendees in droves, right?

5 Essentials for Mastering Brand Messaging at Your Events

14 March, 2018
It's true: Everyone loves a party. But a club-worthy playlist and signature cocktails are not the real reason companies, from Fortune 500 to early-stage startups, throw events. They do it with one main goal: to maximize face time with current clients, future clients and potential investors, advertisers or spo[…]

Do You Need Insurance For Your Next Event?

1 February, 2018
Hurricane. Wildfire. Earthquake. A spate of tragic incidents like these have many event professionals wondering how they can and should prepare for the worst (while hoping for the best). If disaster struck their meticulously planned event, would they have enough insurance? And would they know how to respond i[…]

How To Stock A Green Room Your Speakers Won’t Want to Leave

30 January, 2018
A compelling speech or powerful presentation is often the highlight of an event, but what goes on behind the scenes can have a big impact on the performance the audience sees on stage.