6 Tips for Attracting a Bigger Flock of Early Bird RSVPs

Other than the proverbial worm, everyone loves early birds—especially event professionals. When event attendees buy tickets and register in advance, it simplifies planning and budgeting, and provides a welcome preliminary cash flow.

2018 State Of Event Tech: Part 2

10 January, 2018
In part one of this series I discussed some of the macro forces shaping event tech in 2018. For part two, I want to talk about one of the most fascinating elements of the Live Event industry. The critical role played by Time, or rather, the scarcity of time. One of the first things you learn in the world of l[…]

2018 State of Event Tech: Part 1

9 January, 2018
In past years, I’ve used this piece mostly to talk about technologies, engineering disciplines, and features that I believe are significant for the event technology landscape and how they might change the game. Things like AR / VR, Bots, Security, Machine Learning, etc.

Event Tech Tools That Will Make Any Event Prof’s Life Easier

14 December, 2017
Modern event profs have an exciting variety of new tools to help pull off the perfect event, whether it’s the all-important annual user conference or a more intimate conversion event. You now have the power to streamline and automate nearly every step in the event planning process, saving time and providing a[…]

How To Keep Your VIP Attendees Happy & Returning To Your Event

16 November, 2017
VIPs drive revenue for your events. Whether they’re frequent attendees or people who’ve paid extra for workshops or exclusive networking opportunities, you’ll want to make a lasting impression upon them so they’ll re-register next year. Follow these steps to reward VIPs in ways that go beyond the standard swa[…]

Event Planners: Here's How to Prepare Your Internal Speakers for the Big Event

2 November, 2017
This is the second part of a three-part series by Shane Brethowr, founder of Overflow Story Lab, about how to make the most of your event speakers before, during and after the event.  

How to Choose the Perfect Event Menu

19 October, 2017
Food may not leap to mind as a top priority when planning an event, but guests are just as likely to remember a bad meal as they are a good speaker. Hidden costs and unforeseen allergies are only two elements that can make choosing your event food an unnecessary source of stress if you’re unprepared. Follow t[…]