Defend Your Spend: Five Reasons to Fight for Event Marketing Budget

I think we have all been here: You are sitting in a marketing budget meeting surrounded by colleagues from demand gen, email marketing, digital marketing and social media. Each person goes around the table and uses their extensive data from the past year to indicate why they need more budget in the upcoming year.

Announcing Our First Live Events and Engagement Benchmark Report

25 January, 2017
The physical world of live events is merging with the digital world of software and mobile applications at a rapid pace. That's great news for event professionals as events, at most companies, command the single-largest slice of the annual marketing budget. By merging the physical with the digital through Liv[…]

How DoubleDutch Used Event Data to Measure & Influence Success

20 January, 2017
Our customers and blog readers have heard us talk about the power of Live Engagement Data that can be captured at their events. Our CEO even refers to it as "the most valuable dataset in the world." But rest assured that we don't just talk about the power of data — we put it to work for our own events. In the[…]

Generate Buzz and Build up Your Event Community at the Same Time

28 December, 2016
One of the hundreds of jobs we do as event marketers is to get people fired up for our events. The last thing you want is for an attendee to remember they're attending your event a couple days ahead of time because they saw it pop up on their calendar. You want them to be anticipating it, talking about it, an[…]

Event Profs Weigh In: How Will Your Event Budget and Strategy Change in 2017?

27 December, 2016
While the event doors may be closing on 2016, event planners are already planning how they will take their event programs to the next level in the year ahead. As technology, marketing trends, and overall company goals change, so too do event marketing strategies. And I think we can all agree that we're in a t[…]

The Live Event: Why It Should Be a Critical Part of Your Marketing Strategy

22 December, 2016
Event professionals know that live events provide an opportunity to interact with brands in a very personal and tangible way that is almost impossible to achieve through digital marketing. But sometimes, chief marketing officers don't. Most CMOs will at some point question the "live events" line item on the m[…]

4 BIG Predictions for the Event Industry in 2017

21 December, 2016
2017 is nearly upon us, and it’s time for our annual event technology predictions.