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A Day in The Life – Analytics and Operations

A Day in The Life – Analytics and Operations

Shout out to Grace Low for kicking off the ‘Day in The Life’ blog series with an awesome piece on her passion for solving customer’s problems, we couldn’t do it without you! This week’s blog comes from Taylor S. McLoughlin, a program manager on the Analytics/BI and Business Operations team.

Yes, we are people. Yes, we have feelings. No, we don’t want to “take a look” at your spreadsheet.

Meet Taylor S. McLoughlin

Title: Program Manager
Location: San Francisco, CA
DoubleDutch Tenure: 2+ Years

How Did I Get Here?

Coming into DoubleDutch I had limited exposure to a truly fast-paced environment. One of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects about working in such a dynamic environment is the speed at which one can learn. I firmly believe that the benefit one gets from an experience is proportional to the effort he/she exerts to push themselves and their peers to excel. A mentor once told me there are few things people are naturally gifted with – a hard work ethic is not one of them. I’ve taken the lessons learned on this journey and created structure to my day to enable myself to reap the benefits that are available to anyone. While my typical day begins with a regimented routine it usually ends with a few games of ping pong (I’m vying for top 5 in the US).

Getting Energized for the Day Ahead

I like coffee. No, I love coffee. From the preparation process to the jolted feeling of caffeine coursing through my body, I am hard pressed to start my day without a fresh cup of quality brew. Not any cup will suffice. My favorite spots include Philz Coffee (there’s one just a couple blocks from our SF office), Blue Bottle, Ritual and Sightglass Coffee. My friends and family proclaim me to be a coffee snob. Call me what you want, I enjoy a quality cup of coffee as I get my day going before sunrise.

Another perk to getting in early is you have a plethora of parking options at your behest. Don’t forget, do not leave anything behind in your car – especially in San Francisco – as every car is fair game for thieves to make a mess of your windows. Once at my desk I plug in and open up my email where I have my morning newsletters waiting for me.

Between Dan Primack’s Pro Rata and Erin Griffith’s Term Sheet (Prior to joining Axios, Dan Primack published the Term Sheet) I get caught up on notable venture capital and private equity transactions, M&A deals, IPOs and commentary on the latest scandal affecting the tech sector. I find their writing to be succinct and incisive as there’s more content to cover around the tech sector than one can consume in a reasonable amount of time. The tempo of the work day at a burgeoning startup can be all-consuming so my early morning hours – where it’s just me and a few other brave souls – are vital to catching up on all-things unrelated to DoubleDutch.

Data Make the World Go Round

Are the data still there? I am being dramatic but on occasion Amazon can surprise you. As a member of the Analytics/Business Intelligence (BI) team part of my day is consumed with ensuring our information systems are running as expected. My team leverages Amazon AWS tools to automatically capture and measure important SaaS metrics like annual spend and retention. Through a lot of trial and error my team and I have managed to get our systems close to a “set it and forget it” state, this saves us hours of manual work to reproduce reports on key metrics.

Beyond analytics my team and I focus on business operations – I view this part of my job as the vector for enacting action from the analytical work we do. The scope and breadth that business operations encompasses is seemingly never ending. We’re constantly pivoting our areas of focus to address the most pressing problems. One day we’re partnering with Sales to implement process changes and the next day we’re building out our BI architecture to allow for quicker insights into the business.

I view the dynamic nature of the DoubleDutch experience as an opportunity to gain exposure to facets of business I wouldn’t otherwise be able to at a larger, slower-moving organization. One of the most important values I’ve learned while at DoubleDutch is to be passionate. Long days turn into arduous weeks, which turn into challenging months. It’s the passion for what I do and the admiration for those that I work with that help push me to do my best work each and every day.

By Taylor McLoughlin | 29 August, 2017

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