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Team EMEA Comes Together to Help Syrian Refugees in Amsterdam

The Syrian Refugee crisis is bringing communities together from around the world, many offering donations, organising charity drives, and helping however they can. With a strong commitment to charity and enrichment of local communities, DoubleDutch quickly responded to an urgent call for help from a Syrian Refugee shelter in Amsterdam, via the power of social.

In early October Annie Tsai, Doubledutch Chief Customer Officer based in San Francisco, re-posted a link on her facebook page urging people to help with Syrian Refugees in Amsterdam. Within 12 hours Emilie Dubau, Customer Success Team Manager in Amsterdam, forwarded this information to the management team. I quickly called the shelter Annie mentioned to see how we could help.

I was told the refugees were being held temporarily at the local homeless shelter on their arrival to the Netherlands- many only with the clothes on their back. It seemed our call came at a good time, as the program manager was in urgent need of granola bars for the refugees long onward journeys to find temporary housing, as well as basics including pants, clean clothing and backpacks.

The shelter’s request was to restock before the weekend as more refugees were expected to arrive, so without notice I asked colleagues to donate items within two days. Sure enough within 10 minutes my colleague Ian miraculously dropped off a bag of clothes at my desk, and more items kept appearing in the donation bin.

Within two days our office learned of the program in need and executed the charity drive. We had loads of bags and boxes of healthy snacks, clean clothes and backpacks- and we were happy to deliver the needed goods on time.

This is a great example of social media bringing people together from across the globe for a good cause, enabling a quick response to a great initiative. DoubleDutch continues to assist the Shelter Regenboog in charitable drives.

Want to help in Amsterdam? Contact the Shelter Regenboog.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 25, 2015

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