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The [Mobile, Social] People Guide for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

In honor of the upcoming launch of the DoubleDutch enterprise suite, we’ve put together a fun little iPhone app called HYVE e2.0, specifically for attendees of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference.

We’re billing the HYVE e2.0 app as a mobile, social, people guide - a way to research and connect with other attendees, to log the connections you make, and to maximize your networking opportunities.

We scoured the Internets - specifically Lanyrd, Plancast, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - in order to preload the list of people (with profiles) attending the show.

We then created structured objects for some typical conference activities - things like “networking,” “demoing,” “selling,” and more.

The result, we hope, will be a living, breathing map of the connections and interactions that take place at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference next week.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 13 June, 2011

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