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The Power of a Fully Integrated Meeting Experience with Your Mobile Event App


There are a lot of reasons attendees go to events. They want to learn something new. Understand how an industry is changing. Sometimes it’s about getting away from the office. Most of all - it’s about meeting other people. Whether it’s new people, interesting people, people from companies you want to do business with, people who can teach you something new - it’s all about being able to connect and meet face to face. That’s the power of events - there’s nothing today that can replace the face to face meeting.

With all that said, meeting people is awkward. It’s difficult. It’s intimidating. For example - attendees may be interested in chatting with a speaker after a session. Customers may want to meet with vendor executives, or visa versa. But getting in contact, finding mutually agreeable times, agreeing upon a location, and then trying to remember with so much else going on makes for an awkward and time consuming experience. And let’s not forget exhibitors, whose sole purpose at an event is generally to meet with specific customers or prospects to drive revenue. Unfortunately, exhibitors aren't sure who is going to be at the event, making pre-event marketing activities to set these meetings a shotgun approach. Even when meetings are set, it’s common for attendees to forget because it didn't show up in their agenda, resulting in low attendance rates.

There are meeting scheduling systems out there - but they suffer from real problems: low adoption, low usage, and a very high no-show rate. The reason why this happens is not complicated - a standalone meeting system simply isn’t enough. In order for meeting scheduling to truly be effective, the vast majority of attendees need to be on the same system to find each other and connect. And even with a critical mass of attendees, solutions that take users into a different interface and/or require a separate login will immediately lose people who don’t want to go through the hassle.

Today, we’re excited to announce DoubleDutch Meetings - a fully integrated meeting experience in the mobile event app, furthering our mission of enriching the event experience, and solving these challenges in the following ways:

Meeting requests: Attendees can easily search for and identify others by company name, title, or other profile information, and invite them to meet (adding any details on why and where) with the click of a button.

    • In addition, exhibitors can create their own branded profile page within the app, enabling attendees to book meetings with booth staff from this page.

Smart scheduling: A list of mutually available times is automatically suggested for the requestor to choose from, based on agenda availability of both the requestor and recipient - removing the headaches of trying to figure out a mutually agreeable time - and can be booked from within the message.

Get smart recommendations on mutually available times when sending invites to simplify scheduling

Reminders: Once meetings are set, they are placed on the agenda and reminders ahead of the meeting will ensure that they aren't forgotten. By integrating meetings with the event app content they stay top of mind for attendees and helps drive meeting attendance rates.

With DoubleDutch we can show users mutually available times because we know the sessions attendees plan on attending. Users can request meetings and get responses through an app that everyone at the event is already using. We add meetings to the personal agenda, and when a meeting is coming up we can alert attendees to make sure they don’t forget. If a user is running late, they can easily send a message through the app, reschedule, or ask a colleague to fill in. That’s the power of a fully integrated experience with a mobile event app that’s already highly adopted and highly used during the event. This experience lowers the barrier to achieving the core purpose of the event: creating connections between people.

DoubleDutch Meetings will begin rolling out this Spring, but this is only the beginning. We’re looking forward to delivering a continued stream of innovations around meeting scheduling in the coming months. Meetings are integral to the fabric of an event. As DoubleDutch continues to explore the intersection of a digital experience and a physical experience - things like making it easier to connect and meet are the types of problems that we can solve to continue enriching the value of any event. Afterall, more meetings lead to more connections, more actions, and ultimately valuable business outcomes for organizers, exhibitors, and attendees alike.

By DoubleDutch Insider | April 6, 2016

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