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3 New Features to Kick Off the New Year

It’s a new year and we are starting off 2015 right with an exciting announcement. Today, we launched three new features that can be used now in the event app platform. To top it off, the updates have a little something for everyone: event organizers, the exhibitors and booth staff, and our beloved attendees.

Lead Retrieval Gets a Facelift

Exhibitors invest a lot of time and money to gain visibility and connect with the right prospects at conferences and tradeshows. We think events are the best B2B marketing channel in the world, so we understand why they invest in sponsoring events. That is why we created a new and improved version of our Lead Retrieval embedded within the event app that allows exhibitors to take notes about potential customers to maximize lead generation opportunities.

This new feature helps exhibitors keep track of all those little details and anecdotes that are often the difference between losing and sealing a deal. Because when exhibitors are scanning tens—sometimes hundreds—of leads, it’s hard to remember which prospect expressed  interest in using your product at both her EMEA and U.S. offices, and which one was interested in potentially closing a 10,000 dollar deal.

Here’s how it works: once you scan an attendee’s badge, you can now add notes to the entry, ensuring you are able to reach out to them in a personalized and strategic way to increase your chances of lead conversion. All you have to do is scan the bar or QR code on the attendee’s badge and voila! You can start taking notes about the lead instantly. Just be sure to give all of your booth staff access to this feature to maximize lead generation opportunities.

We originally launched our Lead Retrieval feature in the summer of 2013, enabling exhibitors to use our app to scan the QR or bar code on attendees’ badges, capturing their information for post event follow-up. Exhibitors love this feature because it is an instant way to retrieve leads, and it’s easy because they can use the smartphone that’s already in their pocket (instead of renting old clunky hardware.) Organizers love it too because they can generate revenue by making this part of the exhibitor package.

Location-Based Messages: The Future is Now

Your event is about to begin and everything is in place to make this an experience to remember. The speaker list is impressive, the venue is the best in town and the breakfast buffet has not only waffles but pancakes as well. But once the event starts, your ability to communicate and connect with attendees is limited—well, was limited.

With the advent of beacon technology, we are now able to send messages to mobile devices based on proximity to the beacon. We are excited to announce our newest iBeacon-enabled feature—Location-based Messages.

Organizers can now place beacons (like the one pictured above) throughout the event venue and deliver timely, important information based on their location.

You might place a beacon at the entrance to your event welcoming attendees and letting them know that the first session is in the main hall. Perhaps you would like to promote a sponsor or exhibitor? Use a beacon to send attendees relevant information while they are in the vicinity.

Location-based messages can also be used to send important content about sessions, speakers or even make announcements. These messages can be targeted and tailored because they will only reach individuals that are nearby. This ensures that the right people are receiving the right information, enriching their experience and enabling organizers to continue to connect with them as the event progresses.

Personalized Activity Feed: A Curated List of Actionable Content

Most people attending events have a lot going on. They are looking to gain expertise in their field, network, share information and check out new products. Juggling everything—and making it to sessions in time—can be tough. That’s why DoubleDutch launched a new and improved feature to make the existing Activity Feed even more personalized.

Now, attendees will receive a reminder 15 minutes before their bookmarked session begins letting them know what their next session is, when and where it will be and how many people are attending. This information is pinned to the top of their activity feed in the app, ensuring they have everything they need to be prepared and get to their session on time. This gives you plenty of time to wrap up that cup of coffee, make your way to the session and snag a seat by the charging station.

Excited? We certainly are. If you happen to be in Chicago, swing by App Alley at PCMA Convening Leaders to check these features out for yourself and stay tuned for more features to come in 2015.

By DoubleDutch Insider | January 12, 2015

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