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Three Reasons We Are Thrilled to be Teaming up with Freeman

Yesterday, the news hit the wire that Freeman has made a strategic investment in DoubleDutch, and that the two companies will be teaming up to deliver next generation event experiences.

We could not be more excited and honored, here are three reasons why:

  1. Freeman has forgotten more about events and exhibitors than we will ever know.  With their 90 years of experience and their massive marketshare, they touch just about every event that matters.  We are privileged to be lining up on the same side of the ball as them.

  2. Freeman puts their customers front and center. We first began speaking with Freeman back in 2010, before DoubleDutch was even a company.  From that day we’ve been hearing about their legendary commitment to their customers.  Indeed, it took us years to get Freeman to agree to try us out, primarily because of how fiercely protective they are of their customer experience.  At DoubleDutch, we like to say that we will run through walls for our customers.  Freeman has been doing this for 90 years.

  3. Freeman is a values, family run business, and we strive to be one too.  Ask a Freeman customer, partner, employee, or even competitor about Freeman, and the responses are remarkably similar.  “Good People,” “Salt of the Earth,” “Honest and Ethical” are some of the things you will hear frequently.  We work hard to be the same kind of company, albeit with slightly edgier language “No A$$holes” and “Ride Together Die Together” are two of our operating mottos.

And a bonus reason:

  1. We are going to be neighbors! As of February, 2016, we will be joining Freeman San Francisco in a cool office complex in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.  As all of us in the event industry can attest, face to face matters for collaboration and getting work done.  Freeman customers should benefit from our close proximity to each other.

Freeman is the gold standard in the events industry.  We are thrilled and honored that they have chosen to work with us to reimagine what happens when you combined physical world events with next-generation software.

Here’s to another 90 years working together.

By Lawrence Coburn | 2 December, 2015

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