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Three Ways Event Planners Can Cook Up A Better Attendee ­— and Bottom Line — Experience

(Part Two in the DoubleDutch Thanksgiving Series: An Extra Helping of Goodness for Event Planners)

Lights, camera, exhibit hall, action! For planners dreaming up phenomenal attendee experiences for their 2016 events, here are three mobile event app benefits that could also deliver a better bottom line experience for which your boss will be thankful.

What are two things that every attendee at your event has in common?  1) Each is interested in your product or service and 2) each one carries a mobile device while they are at your event.  So, if you aren’t already helping to make their experience at your next conference more immersive with a mobile event app, here are three bonuses that you, your attendees and your boss will be thankful for:

1. Eliminate the Schlep Factor.  Every attendee knows to plan on comfortable shoes for long walks around an exhibit hall, an extra layer of clothing for overly air-conditioned conference rooms and an extra battery or charging cord. But inevitably, while they get excited about the cool swag bags at registration, their excitement wanes after about an hour of dragging around — and repeatedly digging through — your well planned and detailed (but voluminous) maps, agendas, exhibitor information and promotional material. And, Murphy’s Law prevails when it comes to last minute room and agenda changes that didn’t make your agenda print run.

A mobile event app can digitally categorize and sync all the information about your event — from the agenda to speaker bios and exhibitor promotions— and instantly updates any agenda, room or event changes for everyone. Imagine, the most up-to-date event information, all in their pockets.

Less schlep and up-to-the-minute updates for your attendees makes their experience more streamlined and equally eliminates the inevitable calls and social snipes that come from missed sessions and onerous materials.

2. Embolden the Introverts. Make Socializing On- and Offline, Simpler.  A huge value of in person events is the networking potential. This sounds great in principle, but not everyone is comfortable trying to search out specific faces in a crowd, or striking up a conversation at a networking event with a stranger.

Mobile event apps can reduce the awkwardness between event attendees by providing easy access to information on speakers, exhibitors and fellow attendees. Plus the ability to comment on sessions, chat with and follow other attendees makes it a seamless experience. So, when they meet offline, there is more shared context for a more meaningful conversation.

More connections for your attendees and the opportunity to be heard, adds value to their experience and increases the potential for them to attend and seek out your next events.

3. Spotlight the Idea Superstars. We all know that some of the best insights at conferences and events happen in hallway conversations or come as “ah-ha” moments to someone sitting in the crowd during a keynote.

Mobile event apps allow — and encourage — your attendees to post those observations and photos in a shared social site, and the most active participants and popular ideas then get some limelight in your daily digest emails. This is nice recognition for attendees and also helps meeting planners find the next year’s crop of potential contributors!

If you want to learn even more ways to benefit from a mobile event app at your next function, check out the Mobile Event Apps for Dummies.

What are the components of your best event experiences? We’d love to know.

By DoubleDutch Insider | November 16, 2015

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