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Tips-y Tuesday with Brianna Smitko of FLIRT Communications

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour.

This week, we welcome Senior Digital Project Manager of FLIRT Communications, Brianna Smitko. 

Tips-y Tuesday with Brianna Smitko of FLIRT Communications

DoubleDutch: How do you extend the engagement generated through the mobile app once the event is over?

Brianna Smitko: We use the post-event analytics to gain insights on which speakers were most effective and what content resonated most with attendees. We also mine the event feed data for top phrases and sentiment. We find this data most useful in assessing the effectiveness of the event, as we find most attendees no longer complete traditional surveys.

DD: What’s the most successful strategy you’ve used to get attendees engaged in the app during the event?

BS: We see the most engagement in the app when it is fully integrated into every aspect of the meeting. We do this in many ways:

  • Promote the app pre-show by driving conversation and connection in the event feed
  • Use it on-site as a tool to reinforce key messages and ideas
  • Encourage leadership to use the app as a platform to connect directly with attendees
  • Design on-site engagement tactics using the app to achieve meeting objectives, such as facilitating networking, driving traffic to sponsor booths or performing knowledge-based assessments
  • Position the app as the go-to space for attendees to share feedback on session content and speakers through surveys, polls and real-time feedback in the event feed.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | July 12, 2016

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