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Tips-y Tuesday with Influitive's Event Marketing Manager, Roberto Faria

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour.

For our second installment, we sat down with Roberto Faria of Influitive, the masterminds behind Advocamp, the biggest customer experience event of the year!

Tips-y Tuesday with Influitive's Event Marketing Manager, Roberto Faria

DoubleDutch: How do you extend the engagement generated through the mobile app once the event is over?

Roberto Faria: Engagement on our Advocamp app continued for days after the conference was over, either organically - with attendees interacting with each other or posting how much they were missing the Conference, [i.e. "I'm having the same feeling I did when I left the camp as a kid :(" - Raymond Lau or "I'd rather still be at Advocamp" - Ryan Quackenbush] - or stimulated with our own announcements when the videos captured at the Conference were made available.

We have also taken the engagement to the next level, to great results. Two months after the Conference selected attendees started receiving a customized "care package" from Influitive. Each kit was tailored according to the attendees' own preferences, captured through their mobile app session bookmarks and interaction, post-event survey and social media activity. Items included a highly coveted Advocamp t-shirt, some relevant reading material, and printed snapshots of their social media activity during the Conference. Hand-written notes were also added making each of those packages unique to their owners.

All this allowed us to not only reconnect with those attendees but also to move this relationship to new grounds through the emotional "Remember all the fun you had at Advocamp" hook.

Tips-y Tuesday with Influitive's Event Marketing Manager, Roberto FariaTips-y Tuesday with Influitive's Event Marketing Manager, Roberto Faria

DD: What’s the most successful strategy you’ve used to get attendees engaged in the app during the event?

RF: We have integrated the experience between the Advocamp Mobile App and our own AdvocateHub, allowing attendees to seamlessly jump between platforms. This helped us in boosting engagement not only within the mobile app, where calls to action were placed linking to specific challenges, but also within our own platform. As a result, we have seen a three-fold increase in completions for photo-uploading challenges and a two-fold increase in social sharing type of challenges (both compared to difficulty-wise similar challenges not promoted through the mobile app).

In the true spirit of Advocacy, we also promoted a survey-like challenge through the mobile app asking attendees to call out acts of advocacy that they saw at the event. We had some heartwarming results that were used internally to recognize employees' performance and boost morale.


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By DoubleDutch Insider | June 28, 2016

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