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Tips-y Tuesday with Molson Coors' Melisa Chung

Tips-y Tuesday is your weekly double-shot of live marketing wisdom from #eventprofs who spoke at the Live Engagement Tour.

This week, we welcome Global Digital Manager of Molson Coors, Melisa Chung. 

Tips-y Tuesday with Molson Coors' Melisa Chung

DoubleDutch: What strategies are your teams using to get attendees to download the app in the first place?

Melisa Chung: For our global leadership conference, we embedded it into our pre-event communications strategy, and most importantly – full endorsement from our Global CEO, Mark Hunter throughout the entire process. He filmed and shared a quick video to get employees pumped about the conference with a call to action to download the app and engage. We also launched the app two weeks before the event to get [attendees] accustomed to the tool and interact with pre-event surveys and polls; the results of which were used in sessions during the conference. In Mark’s opening session, he had a few slides on our “Tapped In” event app, and shared his encouragement and expectations with the group. We also pulled a few early stats from the analytics for him to share in the beginning and he gave awesome shout-outs to a few specific early adopters.

DD: What’s the most successful strategy you’ve used to get attendees engaged in the app during the event?

MC: We tried to be very clear that the app was going to be completely integrated into the conference with interactions throughout. Almost all sessions made use of “Tapped In” in some way; whether for polls, asking questions, engaging live with a few of our customers and Millennial consumers invited to participate in the app, presenters sharing additional content, rating our new beers from around the globe during our Innovation Happy Hour, and voting in our Shark Tank business pitch session.

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By DoubleDutch Insider | July 5, 2016

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