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Top 4 Ways A Mobile App Enhances Internal Sales Meetings

We're kicking off 2013 by powering several internal sales meetings this month and while we certainly won't be pumping out the details of these meetings (because we care about the privacy of our partners) we do want you to know how things work when you come to us with an internal sales meeting.

What's an internal sales meeting? Typically, large enterprises and even small businesses host internal meetings to prepare their sales people to, well, sell. We like to think of it as one, giant rally to get your sales force pumped and ready for the year ahead; whether that's arming them with information, celebrating successes or recognizing opportunities. How does a mobile app enhance internal sales meetings?

1.  Security becomes a major concern when you're talking about sales forecasts and other competitive information you might be sharing at your event. If your sales team starts posting this information to public sites like Facebook and Twitter, you might be in trouble. With a mobile event app you're able to make this information as private or public as you want. In some instances it might not be a big deal for anyone to be able to download the application and access bits of information. In others, like an internal meeting, you may want to require that users login with specific credentials to access the app. Whatever the case may be, you want your information safe behind closed doors.

2. Leverage the data created within your app to identify top performers and influencers across your sales organization. Every tap and engagement taken with the app from checkins to likes, comments and connections creates big data that you can use to identify and reward key players in your organization. Map these data points to sales performance and really drill down into who are your top influencers.

3.  If you're a large organization some of your sales people might not be familiar with each other. Especially if they're working in different regions or even countries. With a mobile event app at your internal sales meeting, you can encourage networking amongst your sales force. The activity feed also offers a great place for your sales teams to start sharing best practices from the field and establish lasting relationships with each other.

4.  Amplifying your message is easier with a mobile app. Think of it as your brand's private, social content hub in which your team can engage with each other and really get pumped. Other elements of the app, like sharing photos, commenting and liking other people's updates helps amplify your rally cry. Not to mention the cool factor of having a branded app focused on your sales team.

If you're interested in how a mobile app can enhance your next internal sales meeting, contact for more information!

By DoubleDutch Insider | January 2, 2013

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