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UBM Announces Partnership with Mobile Event App Provider DoubleDutch

Today, UBM Tech Web put out a fantastic press release announcing their partnership with us, their mobile event app provider. We have built apps for various events, including the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, Macworld iWorld, Cloud Connect, and others. Our apps run natively cross-platform -- so if you have an android, iPhone, or tablet, you can access the mobile guide for your UBM event.

Here's a snippet:

"UBM TechWeb events gather a sophisticated tech-savvy crowd that demands the best mobile tools for managing their time at the event," said Alex Dunne, General Manager, UBM TechWeb Online Live Events Network. "The proliferation of mobile devices created the perfect opportunity to partner with DoubleDutch to bolster our efforts at our leading events, across our network, to enhance our attendee and exhibitor experiences with the latest, cutting-edge technologies and applications."

Read the press release on PR Newswire.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 9 February, 2012

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