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Using Data to take DoubleDutch on Tour to the Next Level

We just got home from back-to-back DoubleDutch on Tours in Amsterdam and London and it was quite the whirlwind. Now that the post event dust has settled (and we have gotten several full nights’ sleep) we’ve had a chance to take stock and look back on some of the lessons we learned from hosting the first European installment of our event technology roadshow.

As is the DoubleDutch way, we decided to think outside the box and host both events in less conventional venues. In Amsterdam we greeted our guests at Westerunie, an old converted warehouse and then in London we held the event at Bounce, a ping-pong bar.

Check out the photos from Amsterdam and London!

We saw great turnout at both events, with 78 attendees attending DoubleDutch on Tour Amsterdam and another 97 joining us in London. The in-app activity was also quite impressive; we had 139 active users and 45,061 actions in the app for Amsterdam and 154 active users with a total of 39,939 actions in the app for London. That means that in addition to the people that attended both events, others were tuning in from afar, broadening the reach beyond the physical events themselves.

One thing that was particularly interesting - stress aside - about producing two events back-to-back like this, was our ability to use data to make DoubleDutch on Tour better. For example, in Amsterdam, we gave attendees three different breakout sessions to choose from, but when we parsed through the app data, we saw that one of those three sessions - “App Engagement Strategies that Work” - was the biggest crowd-pleaser by a landslide. So for London, we decided to nix the other two breakout sessions and host three breakout sessions all focused on app engagement strategies.

We also noticed that the panel discussion with our customers was by far the most popular, while a session on event ROI was the least successful. So we decided to scrap the unpopular session, add more time to the breakout and panel discussions, and moved the panel to the end so that we could end on a high note. And we certainly did - the responses to both events have been overwhelmingly positive, and it’s great to see this reinforced by the feedback in the app.

Missed us in London and Amsterdam or can’t get enough of DoubleDutch? Come say hello at IMEX Frankfurt May 19 -21.


By DoubleDutch Insider | May 12, 2015

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