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Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

Want to Enhance Networking Opportunities at Your Events?

One of the most important, if not the most important, steps in building a successful live event program is constructing a strategy that drives attendee engagement. Seems obvious, right?

After all, event success is often measured by how much (and to what extent) attendees interact during sessions and with your brand, sponsors/exhibitors, and their fellow attendees. If one of your goals is to enhance networking at your events, then social engagement should be a key part of your strategy.

How Do You Quantify Networking?

Most organizers don’t have a way of measuring this important goal even though we accept it as a key driver for attending events. Until now, many organizers rely on anecdotal data and stories overheard on the event floor. This is fine in theory, but without hard metrics these stories remain vague and hard to prove ROI to leadership.
The Live Engagement Platform takes measuring attendee networking to a whole new level.
With the Live Engagement Event App at their fingertips, your attendees can interact with each other through status updates, likes, comments, and topic channels (for starters) to develop a deeper sense of community.

Live Engagement Signals Empower You to Measure Attendee Networking

These rich Live Engagement Signals are tracked in the Performance Manager for you:

  • Organic connections like one-on-one chat interactions, number of posts on social channels, and the number of external links to external social media platforms
  • Planned connections like one-on-one meetings and networking sessions
  • Influence, calculated with metrics such as the average number of likes and comments by each attendee, number of specific searches for an attendee, and the number of people that viewed and followed an attendee’s profile
  • Reach, calculated using the same metrics as Influence

Measuring Networking Activity in the Wild

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) hosted a recent event where networking was a primary goal. Since the conference provided a collective of 600 professionals in its industry, the NRECA wanted to provide a forum where these attendees could interact with one another and share best practices.

Using Social Engagement to Drive & Facilitate Networking

Little did they know how quickly their attendees would engage with each other through the app. This resulted in 6,941 likes and 2,332 comments across 519 active users, 83% of the attendance base! You can read the full story here.

Why is it Important to Measure Networking Activity at Your Events?

The answer is simple. By driving and facilitating networking at your events, attendees feel a stronger connection to one another that ultimately build an engaged community of advocates for your brand.

As a conference organizer, being able to finally put numbers to the previously unmeasurable goal of networking positions you for greatness within your organization.

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By Bryan Collins | August 18, 2016

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