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What does iOS 8 mean for mobile event apps?

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you know to expect great things from Apple. The unveiling of iOS 8 was no exception.

But what does this actually mean for mobile event apps?  With new platform capabilities (like interactive notifications, extensions, and indoor positioning), new features that enhance an attendee’s overall experience and increase engagement will soon be a reality across event app vendors.

Let’s break down the specifics from WWDC 2014, as they pertain to event apps.

Interactive Notifications: Make it Dead Simple to Post in the App

Interactive notifications introduces action buttons that allow explicit tasks to be performed without switching apps. Imagine attendees checking into a session, answering a survey or poll, or viewing, liking and commenting on a post directly from the notification bar. Interfacing with an event app will become seamless, naturally increasing user interaction.

Extensions: Easily Toggle Between Apps

The addition of extensions to iOS 8 enables communication between apps. Mobile event apps can take advantage of this capability especially when it comes to photos. Conceivably, as soon as a photo is taken, a menu showing third party extensions for apps like DoubleDutch could appear, allowing attendees to post their photos to an event app without having to open the app itself. This would provide a faster, more intuitive way to post event-related photos.

Indoor Positioning: Easily Navigate Expo Floors

Apple's investment in technology for indoor positioning has the potential to make navigating large expos and trade show floors much easier. Enabling better positioning makes accurate indoor mapping possible, allowing attendees to get to their destination quickly. Indoor location data also provides the ability to make real-time suggestions regarding exhibitors of interest based on booths already visited. At a large event with thousands of exhibitors, not only can attendees be more efficient with their time, but they can enjoy a more interactive experience as well.

As Apple’s platform evolves in more relevant and useful ways, expect mobile event app platforms to build exciting new features aimed at increasing user engagement and enhancing the overall experience of an event.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 24 June, 2014

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