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What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events seem to be all the rage in the event planning industry, and it's pretty clear why. A hybrid event is one that combines the "live" event experience with a "virtual" element.

Virtual events themselves are relatively low in cost and help increase the reach of your live event. They enable people to "attend" your event who might otherwise have been unable to due to travel, cost and time.

The virtual element of your live event can consist of a few different things:

- Live audio/video streaming of sessions via UStreamLiveStream and others

- Online presentations like a webinar or webcast via GoToMeetingWebEx and others

- Live commentary or transcripts via CoverItLive, BlogCastr and others

- Online chats or discussion forums via your own website or blog

- Live blogging of keynotes and sessions on your own website or blog

Of course, there's a few other things worth noting, like leveraging your Twitter hashtag or even creating a LinkedIn discussion group. Creating a Flickr stream is another great way to enable online attendees to interact with your live event and content.

It's important to think of the different ways in which you can create sharable content in your virtual event in order to expand your reach even further. But, more on that next week!

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By DoubleDutch Insider | January 18, 2013

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