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What's New for Brands in Today's DoubleDutch Release

We have been hard at work on our platform, and we are happy to announce the latest release today! Current client applications have been updated, and future applications will have some awesome new features while running faster and stronger. So let's get to it, here is what v1.4.52 (download link) brings:

Photo and Note Shouts

It's no longer just about the check in. We have added the ability to post notes and photos along with a check in, which provides several interesting opportunities for brands. First, the notes and photos give an added dynamic for gaming. Rewards can be tailored for a user who posts a shout or photo along with a check in, and treat them differently then standard check ins. Extra points and custom badges can be awarded to users who go the extra step to add value to the community.

Auto Refresh GPS

When you open your community's application, the GPS will continuously refresh until it has your exact location. This does so without slowing the app's performance, and we have routinely gone from tapping the icon to completed check in within 15 seconds on a 3G network. It also adds tighter venues, giving you a better view of what is around you (accurate to the meter).

UI Updates

This should be no surprise, but we are constantly improving our user interface in order to provide your community the best possible experience. The most recent of these changes is to the nearby, search, and profile check ins views. Each view has been tightened, eliminating unnecessary information and thereby allowing more to be seen above the fold. We have also added the note and photo shouts to user and venue pages, so you can view more types of activity from each view.

iOS4 Compatibility / Backward Compatibility

Fairly straightforward, yet very important, is the total optimization for all iPhone devices. Whether you are running the earliest versions of 3.0 or the most recent 4.0.2 update, the experience is accounted and optimized for your device. This means faster, much faster. This means squashed bugs, so you can use and abuse the app and it will remain fast.

Deeper Facebook and Twitter Integration

We added a bit more granularity to the social controls, which should help users more easily add, push to, or sign out of social accounts. Additionally, we have added a feedback option for users to send an email to the administrators of their geosocial app. This can be configured however needed, so it can include as many recipients as you want. A link to rate the app is also provided, which helps attract more users as quality ratings are added. 

All in all, we feel this release of the DoubleDutch enterprise suite is a huge step forward in providing brands and communities a private, white label geosocial app that can be customized to suit the exact needs of their fans and members.

By DoubleDutch Insider | 25 August, 2010

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