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Who killed the Event App? A Murder Mystery by DoubleDutch


Event managers, this is a cautionary tale of misuse. Beware of such fatal mistakes...

There once was an event app-- not just any event app. The greatest event app to have ever powered an event. The DoubleDutch Event App.

It was feature-rich and engaging; loved by many and had all the right insights about it’s attendees. The App always started conversations and was always the talk of an event.

But on this particular night, at this particular event, something went terribly, terribly wrong. The much-loved DoubleDutch App was MURDERED!


Okay, okay. We know this is dramatic, cheesy, and ridiculous. But hey, it’s Halloween!

There were only five in attendance at this fatal event. All of whom were (oh, the horror!) event managers. The very people who were supposed to love the DoubleDutch Event App the most.

How could an event manager have killed an event app that so many loved? Who committed this awful, heinous crime? What could their motive possibly have been?

Was it…5-2

Miss Marlett, by turning off the activity feed?

Miss Marlett is typically a social butterfly. But, at this event she feared that attendees might misuse the activity feed, so she turned it off prior. Without an activity feed engagement plummeted; was she responsible for the crime?

2-14Colonel Custard, by not using push notifications?

Colonel Custard was very busy in the days leading up to his event; there was a problem with catering, and the venue made a mistake during set-up. In the chaos, he forgot to schedule push notifications to bring attendees back to the app. Was his forgetfulness the app’s downfall?

4-5Mrs. Peanut, who would not use surveys or polls to collect real-time insights?

Mrs. Peanut & the Event App had a disagreement that night. Mrs. Peanut simply didn’t feel that getting feedback in real-time was important. She figured that after the event was said and done she could use the app to collect post-event feedback. But, by was too late.


Professor Orange, who didn’t allow speakers to use features?

The event’s speakers never got to experience the event app’s wonderful selection of features. That’s because Professor Orange never sent them the speaker guidelines, and he did not make features available to them. Speakers were so disappointed, could this be the motive for murder?

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Luckily, our customers rarely have to put together the pieces of such a crime. Our stellar support team and modern technology lead the way to event success time & time again. But, even organizers with the best of intentions can make engagement-dooming choices with our technology, so think twice before making the mistakes of these fictional suspects!

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By Kayla Tarantino | 31 October, 2018

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