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Why would a mobile event app company care about Google I/O 2014?

Because of Google’s mobile-first approach to everything. At I/O, it was clear that Google is focused on extending the mobile experience to your wrist, TV, and even work - essentially connecting everything in your life in the most seamless way possible.

It all starts with the new version of Android

If you’re looking for a completely redesigned user experience, you’ll definitely get it from Android L, the latest version of the Android operating system. Google’s approach to UI design was to ask the question, “What if pixels had depth?” Their answer was Material Design - incorporating bold colors, shadows and animations where objects reform and reshape in response to touch. In addition to demonstrating smooth transitions between activities, screens, and apps, Google showed off their new enhanced notifications which allows for instant access to actions from your locked screen or even while playing a game. Android L also aims to provide a consistent user experience whether you are on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Why does Android L matter to events?

Google brings ease of use to the forefront with enhanced design and notifications. Push notifications during events will more likely be seen no matter what an attendee is doing with their phone or tablet.

Smartwatches are the next big thing

Android users check their phones on average 125 times a day. That’s why Google introduced Android Wear, a version of Android optimized for wearables such as smartwatches, so users still get important info while staying engaged with what they are doing. Acting as an extension of your smartphone, smartwatch applications are contextually aware and aim to make everyday tasks easier by showing information when it is relevant. See notifications that a package has shipped, look at a recipe while cooking, navigate to a location, order a car from Lyft or even order and pay for lunch right from your wrist.

Why does Android Wear matter to events?

Contextual awareness can trigger upcoming personal agenda items to be pushed to a watch, prompt an attendee to check-in to a session, or quickly answer a polling question. This allows an attendee to receive information and perform actions from their wrist without having to pull out their phone.

Share what’s on your phone

Google makes it easy for you to share what’s on your phone with others by allowing you to mirror any Android device to a television through Android TV. In addition, with Chromecast, users can cast photos and other apps from their device to a TV without having to be on the same network.

Why does Android TV matter to events?

At an event, Android TV would make it easy for a speaker to present to attendees directly from his or her device on a large TV screen. Demos could be effortlessly casted to any screen to make it easier for a large group of people to see.

Separate work from your personal life

No one wants to carry two phones and that’s often what happens when trying to separate work and personal related activities. Android for Work offers better organization so work and personal applications can co-exist on the same phone.

Why does Android for Work matter to events?

Long gone are the days when we will hear attendees say, “My work phone is a BlackBerry so I can’t download apps” or “I don’t want work apps on my personal device”. This new feature makes it super simple to separate information, for those that prefer not to mix business with pleasure.

What does it all mean for DoubleDutch?

As a mobile-first enterprise software company, we are excited by these new capabilities because they augment the mobile experience on Android, which in turns improves our ability to deliver software that is compelling and incredibly easy to use. The better the platform gets, the more powerful our products can become. Attendees will be able to take part in a poll without even taking out their phone, go to a session because they received a reminder notification that’s more visible, watch an event app demo projected easily on stage, or download an event app on their personal phone.

If you are planning to deploy an event app in the future, consider the announcements from this year’s Google I/O. Brainstorm new and relevant applications for your next event app!

By DoubleDutch Insider | 10 July, 2014

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