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Why Your Digital Sponsorship Strategy Is Hurting Your Bottom Line

At DoubleDutch my team’s goal is to build technology that helps all sponsors and exhibitors - with an emphasis on allowing more exhibitors and sponsors to have a good experience, drive positive ROI, and quantify success at any event.

Today, there’s an interesting consequence to the physical scarce world of sponsorship because there’s only few winners and many losers. Look, I understand the world is not a fair place - that’s not what I’m talking about. What I AM talking about though is for the exhibitors and sponsors who have the same willingness to pay for exposure- only one can win. Everyone else loses.

To find out how to achieve this goal we’ve had the opportunity to have conversations with a diverse number of event professionals about their strategy to generate more revenue from their live events. Through this process a pattern emerged, “We need to make access to exhibitor tools scarce so that our sponsors and exhibitors will value it more.” But why can’t we find opportunity for all sponsors and exhibitors?

The Physical World vs The Digital World of Sponsorship

In the physical world scarcity is directly linked to the sponsorship opportunity itself (read: real estate). To put it more concretely - an organizer can only put one logo on the lanyard because it’s impossible to sell the same real-estate twice. These constraints create a scarcity which creates value. This same scarcity also creates a single winner situation.

The digital world is different. If you look to Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn they sell “sponsorships” as well. We’ve all seen the sponsored listings on Google, the sponsored ads in our Facebook feeds, and the inMail messages. But what are they doing differently? They’re not in the game of selling real estate (not exactly) - they’re in the game of monetizing eyeballs.

To put it another way - scarcity is no longer tied to the real estate itself - the digital world is about monetizing the scarcity of someone’s attention. In a world where different content can be served to every single user - suddenly the opportunity is not about the real estate that is being viewed but about the eyeballs that view that space.

So, what the hell does this have to do with the DoubleDutch event app you just purchased?

Time and time again organizers approach the app with a physical, real world perspective. They sell app sections, promoted posts, push notifications. Things that can only be sold once or twice, that are inherently scarce, and blasted to everyone indiscriminately. They treat the app as another physical world space where the scarcity of real estate is sold bit by bit.

With DoubleDutch for Exhibitors, we allow the organizer to finally monetize the engagement of the app rather than the real estate of the app.

Attendees are tired of being mass marketed to. They’re looking for personalized, targeted content that they care about. Your sponsors and exhibitors are tired of simply hoping for the best and lacking the resources to drive ROI at your event. While the physical world will continue to inherently have these constraints, the digital world that you’ve created by implementing DoubleDutch doesn’t need to.

The Solution: DoubleDutch for Exhibitors

The problem with events today is the cards are heavily stacked against 95% of the exhibitors (who also happen to be funding most of the show). Organizers, then, must strive to level the playing field. You’ve worked hard to build an engaged audience and you now have the tools to create a better experience (ask us about DoubleDutch for Exhibitors). The goal is not to make sure that every exhibitor has positive ROI - you’re not responsible for that. However, the goal must be to give every exhibitor the opportunity to generate positive ROI.

Together we can strive for a world where everyone has a winning experience. It’ll require a shift in perspective, a willingness to learn, and the courage to implement changes that are unnatural to the way things have been for centuries. DoubleDutch is a vehicle for change - are you ready to drive?

By DoubleDutch Insider | 1 March, 2016

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