Speaker Profiles

What are Speaker Profiles?

A speaker profile contains your speaker bio information and social media links, so that attendees at the event you’re speaking at can learn more about you.

Speakers - Profile

Why use Speaker Profiles?

Your Speaker Profile gives you exposure in the event app; it’s where you can include information about yourself and organization.  This also allows you to get feedback from attendees as they’ll be able to contact you with the information that you provide.

How to Use Speaker Profiles

  • On your Speaker Profile your social media links will be listed to allow attendees to connect with you.  

  • Post-session surveys can be submitted to garner feedback from attendees.

What to Provide Your Event Organizer

Send speaker info to your organizer within event deadlines set by organizer. Here are some things to provide your organizer for the best optimized Speaker Profile:

  • Headshot image (PNG, JPG) best size 500x500 px
  • Your Job Title
  • Your Company Name
  • Biography 
  • Website URL
  • Twitter Handle
  • Facebook URL
  • LinkedIn URL 

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Files & Links

What is the Files & Links Section?

During your presentation, it is likely that there are files or URLS you may want to share with your audience. Files can be accessed and downloaded from the session details pages, so that attendees can readily access assets that you’d like to share with them right from the event app.

Sessions - Documents-1-995070-edited

Why use Document Sharing?

Extend the conversation past your session by posting additional information pertaining to the session content that attendees can engage with. Post-event attendees are left with their memories of the event, and any take-aways you give them; download-ables often help you to stay connected as they are tangible, helpful assets to the attendee. Here are some things you may want to share post, or during your sessions:

  • Your blog or previous publications.

  • Templates or workbooks for your audience.

  • Your slide deck used during the presentation.

  • White-papers related to the session content.

  • Research, data sheets, or one-sheets.

  • Any additional resources pertaining to your session.

What to Provide Your Event Organizer

In order to use the Files & Links session, you will need to send your organizer the assets you would like to share prior to the event. Here are the accepted file types:

  • PDFs
  • JPGS/PNG Images
  • URLs

* Note: Power Point and Excel are not supported file types, please convert to PDFs before submitting to your organizer. 

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Live Polling

What is Live Polling?

With Live Polling attendees can answer polls directly in the app, with results updating in real time. Live polls can be displayed on a big screen during you event or presentation. 

Live Poll - In App

Why Use Live Polling?

Live polling offers you a way to use the digital power of the app to engage your attendees in real-time during a session, prior to a session or post-session. 

How to Use Live Polling

Live polling can be used to gauge interest and get feedback. You can also run multiple polls at once if needed. Here are some ways to use Live Polling to gain valuable insights:

  • Quiz attendees during your session to gauge understanding, and help with knowledge retention.

  • Ask for feedback during the session to gauge topic comprehension, and interest in topics.

  • Ask fun questions to break the ice amongst attendees.

    Real-time result display

What to Provide Your Event Organizer

Send in poll questions to your event organizer within event deadlines. Submissions should include:

  • Question (90 character limit).
  • Up to 5 answer options (60 character limit each).
  • Time that you would like the poll to be live (in hours/minutes).
  • Duration of the poll (in hours/minutes).

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Live Q&A

What is Live Q&A?

Live Q&A is a feature within the DoubleDutch app that allows attendees to ask questions in the app during a session. Other attendees can then up-vote questions so that the most relevant and important questions bubble up, and can be answered by speakers in-session or at the end of the session.


Why use Live Q&A?

Questions often go unanswered during sessions, or attendees are too afraid to raise their hands; Live Q&A gives them a forum to ask their questions openly (and anonymously if they want). This way, no question goes unanswered. Plus, the questions that you don’t have time to answer can be looked at later and answered post-session or event.

How to Use Live Q&A

Live Q&A can be used to actively engage attendees during your session. Here are some ways you can use the feature:

  • Use for pre-session questions that speakers can address during the session; this allows you to review and think about questions before answering

  • You can track questions to send out in a FAQ post-session or event

  • You can notice trends and get ideas about what content might be missing from your session.

What to Provide Your Event Organizer

To use Live Q&A during your session, reach out to your event organizer prior to the event. It is at the discretion of each individual organizer whether this feature will be made available at their event as it requires organizer moderation.

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5Trivia Challenge

What is Trivia?

Engage your audience in a fun and interactive way by having them participate in a trivia challenge! As attendees answer questions they can see where they stand on the trivia leaderboard.  This is a fantastic way to gauge subject matter understanding as you teach your course, or cover main topics in your session.


Why use Trivia?

Feel like you’re losing your audience? Get their attention back by having them use the event app to answer questions and compete with each other. It’s an easy way to boost audience participation into your presentation and make your content much more memorable, for the ultimate knowledge retention.

How to Use Trivia

As a speaker here are some ways you can use Trivia Challenge during your session:

  • Do a pre-session (beginning of session) quiz to gauge what topics your audience needs help with most. 
  • Launch a mid-session Trivia Challenge to refresh your audiences' memories of what was just covered.
  • Award prizes to the top point earners such as book giveaways, or free trials of your product. 

What to Provide Your Event Organizer

To use Trivia during your session, reach out to your event organizer prior to the event. It is at the discretion of each individual organizer whether this feature will be made available at their event. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.33.43 PM

If trivia is available at your event provide your organizer with the following prior to the event:

  • Questions - Include the question, correct answer and multiple choice options

    • 250 characters for the question
    • 30 characters for each answer
    • Up to 4 answers allowed
    • Recommended time limits: 15-30 seconds
  • Provide the amount of time to answer each question


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