Event Industry Resources

Learn need-to-know trends and tactics and strategies for event strategy, experience and tech.

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The Complete Checklist for Internal Meeting Engagement

Discover must-know tactics to get more knowledge retention and participation from your internal meetings and training. 

The Roadmap to Safety and Security at Events

This roadmap aims to walk through all of the preparations needed to create a physically and digitally secure environment for attendees 

The Evolution of Event Technology

The event industry has experienced a major shift towards technology in recent years. Find out if you're keeping up, or stuck in the event stone-age.

The Standardization of Event Tech

Our CEO, Lawrence, talks about standardizing event technology and the trends he sees from talking to our customers!

The Digital Event Marketing Playbook

Maximize event registration and attendance for your event programs with this 2 stage playbook. 

A Practical Guide to Measuring Event Success

How do you plan to measure the success of your event program? Read our tactical guide for tips and tricks to prove ROI.

Event ROI Workbook

Download our free, open-source template to determining the ROI of your event programs. 

5 Essential Skills That Will Ignite Your Career in Events

Do you have what it takes for a career in the events industry? Here are the top characteristics of event professionals.

5 Reasons to Fight for Event Marketing Dollars

Defend your event spend! Learn the key reasons to not let your event budget shrink.

A Blueprint to Energize Your Events with Live Engagement Marketing

Discover the roadmap to successfully engaging and energizing your attendees at your next event.

DoubleDutch Live Events & Engagement Benchmark Report

Learn the latest event trends and insights covering content, time location and attendee engagement.

Engagement: A New Metric to Demonstrate Event ROI

Are your attendees engaged with your event sessions? Find out how to measure engagement and hold attendee attention.

How to Build an Engaged Event Community

Most events only last a few hours, or max, a few days. How can you build communities and facilitate connections in the short time you have?

How to Define Event Success Using Live Engagement

It can be hard to tell whether your event was a success, or a failure, in the eyes of your attendees. That's where measuring live engagement can help you collect valuable feedback and data.

Meet Charlie: World's Greatest Marketer

What makes Charlie so great, and what does a day in her shoes look like? Learn about her challenges, and how she tackles tasks for event marketing success.

The Complete Guide to Event App Promotion

So you've bought an event app for your event program. Now what? Get it in the hands of your customers or employees with this guide.

The Path to Marketing Enlightenment

A clear and complete guide to mastering live engagement marketing for your event programs.

The Rise of the Event Marketer

Findings and perspectives from marketing industry thought leaders, demonstrating how today’s top event marketers use data insights to inform their marketing strategies.

Mobile Event Apps for Dummies

Everything you need to know about mobile event apps, attendee engagement and more!

MPI Research: The State of Event Apps

All the information you need on mobile app adoption at events. Research conducted in partnership with Meeting Professionals International, presented by DoubleDutch.

Event Tech Usage Report 2018

Get the latest statistics on event app engagement and adoption metrics for your events.